Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning


In the article Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning Explained, Bartek Ciszewski explains the difference between Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL). He gives a quick overview these two terms are and also talks about the broader field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). He also gives examples of what machine learning and deep learning can be used for as well as providing real world examples of DL, such as Google’s Go playing program, which is capable of inventing its own moves.

Reaction to Content

I chose this topic because it was an interesting topic that I had looked into in the past but haven’t really done much research on yet. This article in particular was mainly useful as a refresher, providing a basic overview of the difference between machine learning and deep learning. Some of the real-world examples that he brought up (AlphaGo, self-driving cars, early automatic cancer detection, etc.) are definitely things that I think would be interesting topics to read about in order to get a deeper understanding of how deep learning works.

Overall, this article didn’t change how I thought about this subject. For those who haven’t seen these concepts before I think this article would be a useful place to start. The examples he provided for machine learning algorithms are helpful for understanding what it could be used for, but it seems like it’s very difficult to provide a simple example of what a deep learning algorithm could be used for due to how complex of a topic it is. As Ciszewski stated in his summary, neural networks are usually “black boxes,” so even the people who created the deep learning algorithms don’t entirely understand how the machine is able to do what it is being designed to do.

This video How Machines Learn, by CGP Grey, is another useful resource that helped me understand the topics discussed in the article better, by providing more use cases for them as well as giving a visualized high level overview of how these algorithms work.

I think in order to truly understand how deep learning works, I’ll have to look into example algorithms and go from there.


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