Apprenticeship Pattern – Find Mentors

The apprenticeship pattern Find Mentors refers to the problem in which you feel like you require help and guidance because you’re not sure where the path is taking you and you feel unprepared for what’s to come. The solution to this is to reach out to other craftsmen who are ahead of you and to try your best to learn from them.

This pattern in particular was interesting to me because I feel as though I’m at or nearing a point in which I would benefit greatly from mentorship. Of course, no matter how far along the path you are, there’s always something to gain from mentorship. People who just graduated or recently graduated, I feel, are more likely to have that feeling of being unsure of what they should be doing. These are the people who need help and guidance the most in order to push them along the path. Even though it would be ideal for apprentices to find mentors, it’s definitely not as simple as it sounds. I’m certain that some people who are in need of mentorship don’t feel as though they know anyone who they feel comfortable asking to be a mentor to them. One of the most interesting parts of the section is that, even if you feel intimidated about reaching out to someone to ask for an apprenticeship, the risk of being rejected or considered strange by a potential mentor is relatively low, while the potential payoff is huge. So, if you find someone that you’re really interested in learning from, you should definitely reach out to them as there’s so much to gain.

I don’t feel like the pattern really changed the way that I think about Software Engineering, but I think my biggest takeaway from this is the make sure to not be too intimidated to reach out for mentorship. Had I not read this pattern I’m certain that I would have felt that way for a long time, so hopefully in the future I power through. I think it would be a good idea to seek out opportunities to find potential mentors in the future.

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