Test Driven Development


In the article Introduction to Test Driven Development (TDD), Scott Wambler talks about what Test Driven Development (TDD) is, as well as many other topics related to it such as traditional testing, documentation, test-driven database development, and scaling TDD via Agile Model-Driven Development (AMDD). He also goes over why you would want to use TDD as well as some of the myths and misconceptions that people may have about it.

A basic description of TDD is that it is a development technique where you must first write a test that fails before you write new functional code.

A simple formula that Wambler included to help understand TDD is as follows:

TDD = Refactoring + Test-First Development (TFD)

Here’s a quick overview of TFD which he provided:

Reaction to Content

I chose to search for articles of this topic because I wanted to really understand how to properly perform test-driven development. For what project that I decide to work on next, I wanted to be able to follow an effective process so as to improve and avoid writing “spaghetti code”. I imagine there are other development methods that may be better suited for what I want to do, but this is one of the ones that I hadn’t had a great understanding of until reading this article. Hopefully I’ll be able to properly use this method to write clean, well-documented code in the future.

While I knew of TDD before reading this article, I never really took the time to actually learn how to do it. I think that this article was very useful in helping me understand what TDD is and what are the advantages of using it, but while I believe that I understand it conceptually, I’ll probably need to look up examples, maybe follow a tutorial to make sure that I don’t do it wrong and end up building bad habits.

One of the things in the article that I had some trouble understanding was when he referred to tests used in developer TDD as “developer tests” and that they were inaccurately referred to as unit tests. I think that he may be referring to unit tests as a section of tests included in developer tests as a whole, but I’m not completely sure.

Source: http://agiledata.org/essays/tdd.html

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