Apprenticeship Pattern – Expand Your Bandwidth

The apprenticeship pattern of “Expand Your Bandwidth” refers to the situation in which you’ve picked up a basic set of skills, however your understanding of software development is still narrow and only focused on the low-level details of what you’ve been working on. In this situation, you’ve only been taking in a relatively small amount of information gradually, but sometimes you need to take in a large amount of information and efficiently absorb it. So in this case, “Expand Your Bandwidth” means to be able to do just that.

I can see how this pattern is really important and would be immensely helpful to master, but being able to take in more information than you’re used to and at the same time efficiently absorb it, understand it, retain it, and apply it is a tall task. No doubt that mastering this early on in your career will be a massive boon.

This pattern includes some useful examples of where you could seek out new knowledge and experiences. For example, signing up for Google Reader or any other blog aggregator and subscribing to software development blogs that interest you is definitely a good idea to learn about a variety of topics from multiple perspectives. If nothing else, this is something that I certainly plan on taking away from this post. Rather than wasting my time on websites like Reddit, I think it’s in my best interest to spend that time reading something more productive. I also think subscribing to a moderately high-traffic online mailing list and trying to answer people’s questions is a good idea as well (maybe something like stackoverflow).

Overall, I’d say that this pattern made me understand a little better about how an apprentice will have to take in much more information than they’re used to taking and also be able to process and retain it, while at the same time not getting overwhelmed by it. Of course there are times in which you should stop focusing on expanding your bandwidth and come back to the craft, so it should only be used as a means to an end.

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