Sprint 1 – Retrospective

Our first sprint was less productive that I had hoped it would be. I feel that during the sprint planning phase we should have made sure that everyone was assigned a task to get done working towards a clear goal. For most of the sprint I think most of us were unsure what we should be doing and weren’t sure what we were doing was leading in the right direction. This is something we should have discussed with the product owner (Professor Wurst) set up clear goals. Tomorrow during our sprint planning meeting we should definitely not leave until everyone understands exactly what they need to be doing. If we’re still confused about the requirements we should open up a discussion with the product owner. I feel the team would benefit greatly with a team lead who could potentially answer any questions the team has by handling communication with the product owner. That being said, I’m not sure that anyone would be comfortable with and/or willing to take on that role. There’s definitely a lot to improve on from the first sprint. If we don’t, then we may end up continuing to use our time unproductively. I think everyone wants to do a good job on this project, but may need a bit of direction on what they should be doing.

During this sprint, we spent some time on getting everything set up, such as GitLab, Slack, Trello, etc. We have yet to set up the project itself, however. I think because of uncertainty, most of us spent our time researching by doing tutorials rather than diving into the project blind. Although, we should have confirmed with the product owner everyone’s responsibilities for the week in order to keep the project on track. I took a look at the JSON file to understand the structure of the data, which I think was a source of confusion for many members of the team given that it wasn’t formatted for space reasons. I spent most of my time for the sprint working with GSON to convert the JSON file containing the FoodKeeper Data into objects representing the data in Java. I’m not certain that this is a necessary step for making a REST API interface for this data as I hadn’t done the proper research beforehand, so there’s no guarantee that the work that I did this sprint was necessary. That’s something that can hopefully be resolved next sprint. Also, I spent a little time following through some example REST API tutorials to get a better understanding of what our project may end up looking like. Java 11 seems to have incorporated HTTP APIs directly into the Java SE API (found at java.net.HTTP.*), so this may be worth looking into. It may be beneficial to take a look at the repository put up by the team at Western New England University to see how they’ve set up their project.

Link to the repository for the JSON converter that I worked on for this sprint: https://gitlab.com/worcester/cs/cs-448-01-02-spring-2019/team-fig/food-pantry-json-converter

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