Benefits of Using Angular and TypeScript

What are the key benefits that Angular and Typescript can offer? Dan Wahlin answers this question in his blog post 5 Key Benefits of Angular and TypeScript by listing his top 5 benefits of using Angular and Typescript. The list is as follows:

  1. Consistency
  2. Productivity
  3. Maintainability
  4. Modularity
  5. Catch Errors Early

There are several reasons that Angular provides consistency for teams. The first of these that he talks about is how Angular is based on components and services which all start out the same way with the same overall structure. Another reason for consistency in Angular is through services. Any dependencies that a service requires can be injected into its constructor. Angular provides built-in dependency injection that will inject the objects at run-time. Angular also provides a CLI tool that can be used to create initial projects, add different features into an application, run tests, etc.

Angular provides productivity as well. Because Angular provides consistency, developers don’t have to worry about if they’re doing it the “right way” increasing productivity. Consistency also means that when you learn how to write a component you can write a similar one much faster. Using TypeScript to build your Angular application gives you access to editors that have intellisense which will increase productivity by making it easier to discover types and features they offer.

Angular is being built by a dedicated team at Google. This combined with open source contributions significantly improves the maintainability of Angular. Also due to the consistency of Angular, the code that you get will be much easier to maintain in production.

Angular uses modules, which provide a way to organization application functionality and divide it up into features and reusable chunks. Modules can be used to add organization into an application. The use modules properly will improve the division of labor, code consistency, productivity, and maintenance.

Angular built using TypeScript provides many benefits. Since Typescript is not a stand-alone language and instead is a superset of JavaScript, existing JavaScript code can be put into a TypeScript file and the code will work fine. TypeScript provides support for types allowing you to catch errors early because it’s much easier to see when something is used incorrectly. TypeScript code can also be debugged directly in the editor. It also allows you to use classes and other programming techniques.

I chose this blog because we’re using TypeScript and Angular for our final project and it’s useful to know the benefits of using them together. This blog taught me some of the key benefits that using TypeScript and Angular can offer. This will help me as I work on the final project and in the future when I use them again.



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